"It's a no-brainer": DTC firm ThousandZero on why they chose Pause

Apr 13, 2023

ThousandZero, an e-commerce direct-to-consumer (DTC) company, manages product sales for multiple brands through Amazon and their own website.

They operate with a lean team, consisting of in-house members, multiple remote workers, and a few agencies. They all wear multiple hats and are hands-on across various departments. But when someone was unavailable or working remotely, the lack of communication often caused friction within the team.

Before discovering Pause, ThousandZero relied on Slack messages to inform each other about who was taking time off and who was working from home. This approach proved to be somewhat problematic and inefficient.

To fix this, the company’s founder Madhav Mimani began searching for the perfect app — ideally, one that could be integrated into Slack. Although there were several options available on Slack, he realised that most were designed for companies with more traditional HR requirements and not suitable for a lean team like ThousandZero.

That was when Madhav discovered Pause, which is built for teams of all sizes, through a tweet about our Product Hunt listing. He immediately signed up for it.

A year into using Pause, here’s what he had to say:

"Pause is ridiculously simple. It’s a no brainer — I instantly signed up, and it’s been great since then. I’ve never had to look back.

Being a lean team, we rely on efficient software, so I don’t shy away from sending feature requests. But with Pause, I’ve never had to request any features. It’s just ridiculously simple, and so is the pricing."

Pause is the leave management software of choice for hundreds of small giants doing big things, like ThousandZero. It’s a tool that you can grow with, no matter your team size!

If you’d like to try it out yourself, sign up for a 30-day free trial and kick the tyres around.

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