"People are happy": Why million-dollar edtech firm Quizizz chose Pause

Apr 1, 2023

Quizizz is a rapidly growing educational technology company that aims to make learning fun and engaging. They support educators, students, and professionals by offering a user-friendly platform that promotes collaboration, assessment, and knowledge retention. It’s currently used by over 50 million people around the world.

Quizizz has an unlimited leave policy, which they found works well for their teams and wasn’t being misused. The core of their policy is trust in their colleagues, and that trust is built on informing each other about availability so no one’s left in the lurch.

But as they rapidly crossed the 100-member mark, their management realised they needed a time-off management tool for a couple of reasons. They wanted to:

  • track leaves taken to spot trends in employee wellbeing

  • be able to customise policies and teams, since they've got people working all over the world, like the US, India, and Indonesia

Their ideal tool would provide valuable insights without making the employees feel monitored. It would help managers make sure everyone's doing well and not burning out. Most importantly, given the demography and the pace at which their teams were moving, it would be incredibly easy to use.

A burst of research later, Quizizz discovered Pause. It was the best of both worlds: they could keep their unlimited leave policy, but also got all the employee wellbeing info they needed at their fingertips.

Here’s what Nishant Shankar, who handles HR at Quizizz, has to say about Pause:

"It’s going pretty well. Feedback is good, people are happy. It’s easy to use and see who’s on leave. The key thing for us was the Slack integration, which makes things a lot easier.

Maybe as we evolve, what we're doing now with our unlimited leave policy might not work. There could come a time when we’d want to cap leaves. We're now 150 people, by the end of this year, we will hit 200. Next year, we'll probably hit 300… But even then, I think this whole setup that we have with Pause will continue to work."

With Pause, Quizizz can easily keep an eye on leave patterns, make smart choices about their leave policy, and maintain a trusting and happy work environment for their teams. They know that even as they grow in size and scale, Pause has their back!

If you’d like to try Pause out for your organisation, sign up for a 30-day free trial and kick the tyres around.

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