Timetastic Alternative – Pause

Timetastic has built a robust staff planner tool that helps teams manage their time off. In fact, we used Timetastic for a good few years, too. 

Timetastic’s free trial is great, but costs can pile up, and you don’t get access to all their features on a basic package. If all that sounds like a roadblock, why not try Pause?

Pause is a lightweight Timetastic alternative that’s easy to use and great for small businesses, start-ups and remote teams. 

🤝 Slack integration



Apply for time-off from Slack

See overlaps with teammates

Check available balance

Approve time-off

Leave summary notifications per team

Upcoming public holiday notifications

Birthday and work anniversary reminders

Auto-update Slack status

💆 Easy leave application



Apply for half-day to multi-day 

Apply for self or others

Book overtime

Lock dates

Apply from any device

See remaining leave days

Apply from Slack

Auto-approve pending requests

See time-off overlaps with teammates

🚌 Organise teams



Import users from Slack or G-Suite

Assign an approver

Give prorated leave days for new users

Custom working days per team

Multiple approvers

🌴 Leave policy



Deductible leave types

Non-deductible leave types

Turn off approval process

Multiple public holiday calendars

Credit leaves monthly, or yearly

Complex approval workflows

🗓 Calendar integration



Leaves calendar feed by teams

Public holidays calendar feed

Birthdays and anniversary calendar feed

Auto-decline meetings when on leave

So then, what's Pause's USP?

We sweat the details, so we can talk about our designs, features and integrations until the cows come home. But here’s Pause’s mission in a nutshell:

Pause is focused on building healthy, happy, and engaged teams and fighting burnout.

Pause is more than just a leave tracking tool. It’s a capacity planner, employee directory, and team communication-enabler rolled into one. 

Pause keeps employee health and small businesses front and centre, always. It’s flexible for agile remote working teams, but structured enough that confusion is out of the question. It makes every process a breeze, because nobody wants to stress while taking a break; neither does anyone like crap hitting the fan when someone’s on leave.

Pause is also integrated with Crisp to give you instant chat support. No more waiting for a reply back while your company catches on fire. 

All of this is why you’ll find Pause to be a flexible, transparent and easy-to-use leave management tool.

A product that does one thing and does it well

Pause is a slice of (work) life tool designed to make leave applications and management fuss-free, easy and encouraging. It doesn’t skimp on efficiency, works where you do, and doesn’t make any noise. Best of all, it helps promote a burnout-free, healthy work culture. No complicated onboarding. No tedious set-up process. No extensive list of features.

Spot leave overlaps so plans don’t take a hit​

See if other teammates are on leave at the same time as your potential dates even before you click ‘apply’. Plan with teammates, not against them.

Cater to teams with all sorts of work weeks

Customise fixed working days of the week for teams if they need to be available for longer or shorter time periods. It’s your ticket to keeping things spinning even when workdays vary.

Always know who’s on leave on any day

Learn who’s going on leave a week in advance and on the day of — for any team, in any channel. Admins, set this up in the Settings page to keep everyone in the loop.

Let teammates make their own decisions

Help teammates take time off at their discretion, without any approval processes, by ticking a checkbox. High-trust teams decide for themselves, and you have one less thing to do.

Send requests without switching tabs or tools

To book time off on Pause directly in Slack, enter /pause in any channel or chat and click on “Apply for a leave”. The bot will tell you whether it’s approved or declined. Easy peasy.

Say ‘no’ to meetings until you can say ‘yes’

If meetings are scheduled during a teammate’s leave period, they’ll be auto-declined. No frantic messages on first days of leave, and no delayed plans for the team.

Ring in special days on the right days

See everyone’s birthdays and work anniversaries right alongside their planned leave days and holidays. With all the special days in one jumbo list, you can’t miss ‘em.

Get instant support from a caring team

We work with Crisp to give you instant support through chat, whether that’s fixing a minor bug or taking Pause above and beyond to build a healthy work culture. Regardless of the size of your team, you’ll get the best customer support when you need it. 

Prepare for every reason under the sun

Create as many deductible leave types as you want for your team. Assign leave days at the beginning of each month or in annually, in one fell swoop.

Press Pause even when you’re on the go

Use Pause through your browser and on your iPhone or Android phone, in addition to Slack and Google Calendar.

Ready to make the switch from Timetastic to Pause?



Per user. per month.

Per user. Per month.