Don’t let things break
when your team takes a break

Pause - An obvious leave management & team planning tool | Product Hunt

Emails and spreadsheets make applying for time-off tedious

Unmarked time-off sends project plans wildly off course

Managers have low visibility into leaves and plan badly

Teams are overworked and don’t stick around for long

Skip the drama. Get Pause.

Move on from clunky time-off processes

Apply for time-off, approve them, and see your leave balance from anywhere you work: Mobile, Slack, email, or in the browser.

Save your plans from last-minute surprises

See who’s in and who’s not right where you plan best: inside Slack, on your calendar app, or in a fresh browser tab.

Ensure not everyone is on a break at the same time

See whether your time-off schedule overlaps with a teammate’s while applying for or reviewing a time-off request.

Let your calendars do all the talking

View teammates’ leaves in your calendar app, auto-decline meetings on your day off, and keep all teams in the know at all times.

Pick up the Slack on time-off information

Get notified in any Slack channel about who is on break, the next public holiday, and who to wish a happy birthday. Apply, review and respond to time-off requests in Slack, as well.

Press Pause even when you’re on the go

Use Pause through your browser and on your iPhone or Android phone, in addition to Slack and Google Calendar.

You'll be in good company

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Don't just take our πŸ“’ for it

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And many more happy teams ⭐️

All this, right within budget!


Per user per month

Everything you get:

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Apply for time-off on desktop or mobile

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Set teams and assign approvers

Customise your policy to suit your culture

Use Pause without ever leaving Slack

Auto-decline events on Calendar when on break

Mark your calendar so your team is clued in

Set public holidays for distributed teams

Export data for payroll processing

Access in-app chat support anytime

There’s more where that came from, on its way!

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