A buck? What luck!


Per user. per month.

💆 Easy leave application

Book half, full and multi-day leave

Spot leave overlaps within teams

Cross-check leave balances

Check your approvers

Apply from Slack or web app

Lock dates for entire teams

Book compensatory leave

🚌 Organised teams

Set custom working days per team

Assign multiple approvers per person

Import users from Slack or G-Suite

Give leaves pro rata for new users

Keep archived users forever

🌴 Custom leave policies

Add multiple deductible leave types

Credit leave days monthly or yearly

Add leave descriptions for clarity

Allow leave carry-forwards

Capture loss of pay

Add non-deductible leave types

Auto-approve leave requests

Add global and local public holidays

Import public holiday calendars

Notify admins for certain leave types

Check emojis to see who's on leave

Create multiple public holiday calendars

🤝 Powerful Slack integration

Apply for time-off

See overlaps with teammates

Check available balance

Approve time-off

Get timely leave summary notifications

Get upcoming public holiday alerts

Receive same-day leave alerts

Set up birthday notifications

Set up work anniversary notifications

Get personal birthday and anniversary reminders

Auto-update Slack status on leave days

🗓 Handy Calendar integration

See a Calendar feed for teams

Add a Calendar feed for public holidays

Get a Calendar feed for birthdays and anniversary

Auto-decline meetings on Google Calendar

⚙️ Data and records

Export all data for payroll

Use Pause as company directory

Get a meticulous record of data 

TRUSTED BY OVER 300 companies

Have questions? 🤔

Have questions? 🤔

A buck? What luck!


Per user. per month.

A buck? What luck!


Per user. per month.