Time off at your Slack command

Say hey to the Pause bot, your new best friend for everything leave-related.

Send requests without switching tabs or tools

To book time off on Pause directly in Slack, enter /pause in any channel or chat and click on “Apply for a leave”. The bot will tell you whether it’s approved or declined. Easy peasy.

Respond to requests the instant they’re sent

Get a Slack notification for every leave request from a team. All you need to do to respond to it is come to the Pause App chat and hit one of the two bright buttons.

Check if you have the people for your plans

Type in /pause in any channel or chat, click on “Teammates on leave”, and choose a team and duration. Et voila — you have the information you were looking for.

Ask the bot if you have the leave for your long break

Enter /pause in any channel or chat and click on “leave balance” to see how many vacation days you have left. Then take that well-deserved time off, you hard-working human.

Always know who’s on leave on any day

Learn who’s going on leave a week in advance and on the day of — for any team, in any channel. Admins, set this up in the Settings page to keep everyone in the loop.

Tackle any doubts of your absence with a 🌴 emoji

Identify who’s on leave with the handy 🌴 emoji that automagically shows up next to the name. Do away with ambiguous statuses and let the palm tree do the talking.

See public holidays coming from a mile away

Get notified of any public holiday as far as 4 weeks away in the Slack channel of your choice. Capacity planning just got easier — and so did road trip-mapping, if we’re being honest.

Celebrate special days on the right days

Get birthday and work anniversary notifications in the channel of your choice, and on any calendar view. Small and timely gestures go a long way (and who’d say no to cake?).

See for yourself

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