Empathetic leave management?

It's got to be Obvious.

Obvious is an award-winning digital product consultancy that’s built pioneering products for Wikipedia, GoJek, Dunzo, Swiggy, Myntra, Simple and other name-brand organisations in India and South-East Asia. Obvious X is the high-autonomy arm of the venture that builds prolific products in-house and ready for the bigger world. Our leave management software, Pause, is the first of many people-centric and self-sustaining products that X will build.

The Pause team

Dhruv Saxena

Founder, CEO

Varun Barad

Backend Engineer


Frontend Engineer

Kanika Tibrewala

Product Designer

Sindhu Shivaprasad

Content Strategist

Chandrasekhar Ramanujan

Product Designer

Elson D'souza

Design Intern

Karan Kapoor

Product Designer

Harsh Shandilya

Mobile Engineer

Sasikanth Miriyampalli

Mobile Engineer

Viba Mohan

Product Designer

Pratul Kalia

Founder, CTO

meet bhatt

Frontend Engineer

vishwanath p

Product Designer

What's the best way to build a powerful product?

Solve a problem that you know intimately.

As a team, we’re avid software users. But when it came to leave management software, we noticed cracks that went beyond the typical cold and predatory approaches of HR software:

Clunky processes were neither easy nor quick to use

Typical HR tools put numbers before team happiness

Information gaps led to shoddy team capacity planning

Feature bloat led to complexity & unaffordable pricing

It turns out there were many other teams in the same boat!

That's why we built leave management software that:

Enables teams to plan ahead, together

Pause shifts the pressure of planning from individuals and teams onto strong time-off management systems.

Empowers employees through transparency

The least powerful actorβ€”the employeeβ€”is the most penalised by unclear and complicated systems. Pause is transparent by default.

Prevents burnout by encouraging time off

Typical workplace culture characterises breaks as “lazy” and burnout as “a rite of passage”. But we know too well that burnout can destroy teams.Β 

Works with your favourite workplace tools

Switching context becomes that much harder when you have to switch tools, too. By syncing with tools that teams already use, it expands their scope.

"We’ve always been very careful to create a strong work-life balance here at Obvious. And being able to literally translate our policies into code has been great. Now, from day one, Pause clearly communicates our belief that happy, rested people do their best work."
Rahul Gonsalves
Co-founder and CEO, Obvious

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