Pause: Your Vacation Tracker alternative

First things first: three cheers for Vacation Tracker!

They’ve built a robust leave management tool that helps companies track employees’ vacation time. 

Vacation Tracker’s great for leave management, but modern companies like yours need so much more from that. You need free trials longer than 14 days, cleaner functionality, and features that make leave management an accessory to greater capacity planning and communication. And for all that, there’s Pause. 

Pause is a lightweight Vacation Tracker alternative that has a long free trial period, is easy to use, and has features that’ll put the “team” back in “team communication”.

Vacation Tracker vs Pause: What sets Pause apart?

We sweat the details, so we can talk about our designs, features and integrations until the cows come home. But here’s the main differentiator: 

Pause is focused on building healthy, happy, and engaged teams and fighting burnout.

Pause is more than just a leave tracking tool. It’s a capacity planner, employee directory, and team communication enabler rolled into one. 

Pause keeps employee health and small businesses front and centre, always. It’s flexible for agile remote working teams, but structured enough that confusion is out of the question. It makes every process a breeze, because nobody wants to stress while taking a break; neither does anyone like crap hitting the fan when someone’s on leave.

Pause is also integrated with Intercom to give you instant chat support. No more waiting for a reply back while your company catches on fire. 

All of this is why you’ll find Pause to be a flexible, transparent and easy-to-use leave management tool.

Powerful features, no minimum spending

Pause does the grunt work for your business, especially if you have constantly shifting needs and can’t afford to waste time or money. It’s packed with great features that help with better leave management and capacity planning — all the while being affordable without a minimum amount. Pay only what is necessary, but get all that you need.

Lock critical dates for all hands on deck

Got a busy period coming up where you’ll need everyone clocking in? Or do you need 100% attendance from a particular team on a day? Our nifty Lock Dates feature helps block the dates you need full teams for, so teammates plan around them while booking time off. This transparency helps big plans move along — and your teams will be thankful for the heads up! 

Set flexible work weeks for different teams

Pause helps you set and display flexible work weeks, so you handle intra- and inter-team collaboration like a boss. Whether teams work a clean Monday-to-Friday, or slog over the weekend to take Mondays off, Pause can handle it. Project planning and collaboration becomes quick, easy, and efficient. Oh, and piña coladas on a Monday become legit.

Use multi-view calendars to plan better

Everyone has different preferences and planning style, so no cookie-cutter view fits all. Pause provides two kinds of month views (on desktop) and a week view (on mobile) so teams can choose what and how they plan. Each layout is optimised to give you an overview of team leave schedules to support capacity planning. Oh, and it stays up to date even when you’re on the go.

Update your 'away' Slack status with a 🌴

When team meetings take place through 13-inch screens, the key to capacity planning and efficient work becomes regular updates — including who’s in and who’s on a break. But it’s too easy to forget to mention your week-long trip to Hawaii when everyone’s busy working. That’s why Pause automagically updates the Slack status of teammates on a break with an unmissable 🌴 emoji. It’s an unobtrusive, low-effort way to remember who’s on leave. Win!

Sync with Google Calendar for efficiency

You’re expected to keep on top of your calendar, sure. But to know everyone else’s leave schedules like the back of your hand is a Herculean task. And during critical project planning and team management stages, you can’t waste time cross-checking individual calendars, can you? With Pause, you can sync your team’s leave schedules with your personal Calendar to view them alongside your weekly events. Pause will even auto-decline meetings when you’re on a break! 

Sidestep leave conflicts to plan better

A lot can happen with great teamwork — and that involves working as a team even when a few people are missing. Pause helps teammates see their colleagues’ leave schedules right while planning individual time off. This way, no one has to deal with the ugly surprise of being short-staffed at the last moment, and your project trundles along without a hiccup.

Book time off for a teammate who needs it

Taking time off together as a team has many incredible benefits, from reducing FOMO and burnout to promoting healthier work culture. With Pause, we’ve made it easy for you to book leaves not only for individuals, but also for entire teams with just a few clicks. It’s best used for forced rest days and off-sites — because few things say “we care” better than proactively encouraging your team to take a break!

Auto-approve leave requests after a while

You and your teams might be juggling multiple roles already. The last thing you need is a low-priority task becoming highly intrusive, right? That’s why Pause is designed to auto-approve leave requests on the scheduled day if no action is taken. Teams can take time off with conviction, and approvers can continue their good work on what matters most without fighting with notifications.

Ready to make the switch from Vacation Tracker to Pause?

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