Organise teams and approvals

Dive in not head-first, or feet-first, but team-first.

Structure teams online like they are offline

Recreate your organisation’s structure in Pause in the teams page. Add as many members as you like, and as many teams as you have. It’ll come in handy. You’ll see.

Share responsibility of responding to requests

Assign one approver per team to be in charge of responding to leave requests. Admins can override the team approvers, or assign special approvers as well.

Cater to teams with all sorts of work weeks

Customise fixed working days of the week for teams if they need to be available for longer or shorter time periods. It’s your ticket to keeping things spinning even when workdays vary.

Identify people who haven’t had a break

Spot those who have the most leave days remaining through your team dashboard, as well as those who haven’t taken time off in a few months. Now get them to take a break.

See for yourself

Have questions? 🤔