Download a public holiday calendar

Add a holiday list for India or any country using our handy public holiday calendar download so you can plan your vacation or projects well in advance.

How to add a public holiday list to a calendar app

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Add to Google

Step 1 : Open Google Calendar.

Step 2 : Click on Settings in the top right.

Step 3 : Click Select file from computer and add file.

Step 4 : Click on import and the calendar will be added.

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Add to Apple

Step 1 : Open the Calendar app.

Step 2 : Click on File and then Import.

Step 3 : Select the .ICS file and click on Import.

Step 4 : Choose which calendar to add the events to.


Add to Outlook

Step 1 : Click on the calendar icon.

Step 2 : Click on Add calendar and upload.

Step 3 : Click on Browse and add the downloaded file.

Step 4 : Choose the relevant calendar and click on Import.