SaaS Playbook

A lean product playbook for early-stage products
In an organisation’s early stages, ambiguity soars high, while resources stay limited. As David White, CEO of New Zealand Cricket and former cricketer said, with “limited resources, we have to make very good decisions”.

While all entrepreneurs and product builders always intend to make good decisions, reality can be tricky and lead to some dilemma. At times like these, it’s favourable to ride on the knowledge and experience of fellow entrepreneurs who’ve ridden the same tide before. Entrepreneurship might’ve been a lonely journey in the past, but today, Community holds fort stronger.

At Pause, we’ve built on the strength of many entrepreneurs we’ve admired over the years. With this Playbook, our hope is to pay it forward. Whom would this benefit? Early-stage founders, creative agency owners, SaaS entrepreneurs and product builders, including engineers and designers– all could find some value here. Our team at Pause includes people with all these expertise, and so we have written this playbook keeping you and your questions at the forefront.