All your activity in one profile

No frills, just easy functionality. Can’t beat that.

Always know how many leave days you have left

See all the deductible leave days you have left and all the unlimited leave days you’ve already claimed, right in your profile. Tap on details to see a complete breakdown.

Have a track record of past leave requests

Get a no-nonsense list of every leave application you’ve ever made, complete with details of the duration, type and status. Whip out the facts whenever you need some backing.

Show handy details to help teams connect

Add all your important details to your profile page, from phone numbers and addresses to birthdays and work anniversaries. Team that bond together, stay together.

Display availability where teams plan meetings

Integrate Pause with Google Calendar to display your leave schedule right where everyone plans. Auto-decline meetings so your team can move on seamlessly.

Let the 🌴 clear doubts around your absence

Have a 🌴 emoji displayed next to your name on Slack so teammates instantly know you’re on leave. It disappears automatically when you’re back at your desk.

See for yourself

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