Book time off quicker than ever

Take a break, don't let the system break you

Book time off the instant you think of it​

Three fields: Dates, leave and reason. Two if you skip the optional ‘reason’. Fill them in on desktop, mobile or Slack, click on ‘apply’, and get on with life.

Respond to requests as soon as they come in​

Immediately answer leave requests that come to you where you work—email, Slack, mobile, desktop—without leaving the tool. Hit the red or green button and cross that task off your list.

Spot leave overlaps so plans don’t take a hit​

See if other teammates are on leave at the same time as your potential dates even before you click ‘apply’. Plan with teammates, not against them.

See your leave balance so you can ration them​

See how many leave days you have left while booking time off on Slack, mobile or desktop, and be well-prepared for emergencies (or sudden trips, let’s be honest).

Top up your balance for going the extra mile​

Add days to leave balances to compensate for working overtime. It’s easy — send a request to a manager like you’d apply for regular leave, only this time you’ll choose Comp-off.

Take a break that’s as short as you’d like​

Go as short as a half day when selecting leave dates. Choose if you’d like to take the first or second half of the day off, and revel in the few hours you’ve snatched from the world.

Let teams know when you need the full force​

Lock critical dates for when you need the whole team available. Everyone plans their time off better and quicker, and projects (and your poor nerves) don’t bear the brunt of messes.

Book teammates a break before they break​

Book time off for a teammate as easily as applying for leave for yourself. As a manager, encourage teams to take leave if they haven’t in a while, to field burnout before it spirals.

Be fully functional even when on the move​

Apply for time off, approve requests, and lock dates from any device, wherever you are. All the integrations you’ve set up will will also be triggered automatically (automagically, rather).

See for yourself

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