Make leave records seamless

Still clicking through spreadsheet macros? Move on.

Free your mind of complex leave balance calculations

Leave balances are calculated meticulously using securely-stored data. Lost or corrupted data just isn’t a thing when you use Pause β€” and neither is fumbling with calculators.

Get all the payroll data you need with a click

Pause has all the data you need to make processing payroll a walk in the park. Use templates for frequent use cases, like negative balance and comp-offs, or customise the export.

Spot teammates who haven’t taken time off

Pinpoint teammates who have higher leave balances, and those who haven’t taken time off in a while. Use this data to do the needful, and prevent burnout and employee churn.

See critical teammate information at one go

Pause packs all the useful information about your teams, including birthdays and work anniversaries. It’s more than a team planner β€” it’s an employee directory.

Access a handy history of archived users

Pause keeps the history of former employees archived because you never know when you might need it. It’s well out of the way when you work, but you can pull it up at any point.

See for yourself

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