Set boundaries with clear policies

Work 24/7 and feel guilty about breaks? Nah. Be better.

Prepare for every reason under the sun

Create as many deductible leave types as you want for your team. Assign leave days at the beginning of each month or in annually, in one fell swoop.

Take leave days with you into a new year

Hit a simple checkbox to allow teams to carry their leaves forward. Set a minimum limit to prevent teams from hoarding leaves and taking the fast lane to Burnout Town.

Let teammates make their own decisions

Help teammates take time off at their discretion, without any approval processes, by ticking a checkbox. High-trust teams decide for themselves, and you have one less thing to do.

Stop counting down the days for special cases

Set up the unlimited leave type for reasons including parenthood, cramps, and bereavement. Help teammates take time off without worrying about overstepping.

Keep public holidays on your radar, always

Add public holidays to Pause and subscribe to the feed in any calendar app. Get notified on Slack weeks in advance, because public holidays are time-off bounty for the taking.

Flag serious leave types without being intrusive

Tick a checkbox to notify admins when someone applies for burnout or bereavement leave, so you can reach out or make space, whatever the situation calls for.

Help teammates apply for the right leave type

Add a short description for every leave type to explain how to use them best. These will show up when teammates are applying for leave and on the policy page. No more wavering.

See for yourself

Have questions? 🤔