Save plans from sudden shocks

Don’t let an unexpected missing link break your flow.

See leave schedules in timeline view if you like Gantt charts

Use the timeline view to see all your teammates’ leave schedules presented as a Gantt chart. Say bye to resource overload, and hi to clear capacity planning.

Switch to calendar view for longer time periods

Switch to the calendar view to see the leave schedules of all teammates at a quick glance. Use this view to evaluate your team’s availability over a longer time period.

Focus only on the availability of important teammates

Use the ‘Favourites’ panel to pick and choose the teams or members you work with closely. Pause will tell you when they’re taking time off, so you don’t need to reach out personally.

Let teams know when they’re most needed

Lock critical dates for when you need the whole team available. Teammates can plan their time off better, and projects won’t fall to the wayside at the very last minute.

Ring in special days on the right days

See everyone’s birthdays and work anniversaries right alongside their planned leave days and holidays. With all the special days in one jumbo list, you can’t miss ‘em.

Get notified on Slack about everything leave-related

Get notified right within Slack when teammates are on leave or a public holiday is incoming. Ask Pause bot for upcoming leaves if you can’t wait, and plan better as a team.

Keep teams informed when on a break

Auto-decline meetings when you’re on leave to prevent last-minute surprises. Subscribe to team calendars so you don’t expect people to show up when they’ve planned their time off.

Help teams avoid being on leave all at once

See leave conflicts between teammates right inside the application form before taking the leap. Designate tasks accordingly to avoid being understaffed and overwhelmed.

See for yourself

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